Price List

Price list

Pricelist updated as of March 2020. Suzuki Philippines reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


Suzuki ALL-NEW S-PRESSO Exterior


ALL-NEW S-PRESSO GL - M/T ₱518,000
Suzuki Celerio
Suzuki Celerio Exterior

Celerio hide

Celerio- M/T-1.0L ₱558,000
Celerio- CVT-1.0L ₱598,000
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift Exterior

Swift hide

Swift GL 1.2L - M/T ₱755,000
Swift GL 1.2L - CVT ₱799,000
Swift Special Edition 1.2L - M/T ₱804,800
Swift Special Edition 1.2L - CVT ₱848,800


Suzuki Dzire
Suzuki Dzire Exterior

Dzire hide

Dzire GA 1.2L - M/T ₱549,900
Dzire GL 1.2L - M/T ₱638,000
Dzire GL+ 1.2L Auto Gear Shift (AGS) ₱698,000
Suzuki Ciaz
Suzuki Ciaz Exterior

Ciaz hide

CIAZ- GL 1.4L - M/T ₱823,000
CIAZ- GL 1.4L - A/T ₱873,000


Suzuki Ertiga
Suzuki Ertiga Exterior

Ertiga hide

Ertiga GA - MT (Black Edition) ₱738,000
Ertiga GL - MT (Black Edition) ₱858,000
Ertiga GL - AT (Black Edition) ₱898,000
Ertiga GLX - AT (Black Edition) ₱988,000
Ertiga 1.5 GA - MT (Upgrade) ₱743,000
Ertiga 1.5 GL - MT (Upgrade) ₱863,000
Ertiga 1.5 GL - AT (Upgrade) ₱903,000
Ertiga 1.5 GLX - AT (Upgrade) ₱993,000
Suzuki APV
Suzuki APV Exterior

APV hide

APV GA 1.6L - M/T ₱588,000
APV GLX 1.6L - M/T ₱808,000

SUV / Off-Roader

Suzuki ALL-NEW XL7
Suzuki ALL-NEW XL7 Exterior

ALL-NEW XL7 hide

All-New XL7 GLX - A/T ₱1,068,000
Suzuki The New Vitara
Suzuki The New Vitara Exterior

The New Vitara hide

The New Vitara GL+ 1.6L - A/T ₱1,038,000
The New Vitara GLX 1.6L - A/T ₱1,158,000
SuzukiJimny Exterior

All-New Jimny hide

All-New Jimny GL (Monotone) 5MT ₱1,055,000
All-New Jimny GL (Monotone) 4AT ₱1,115,000
All-New Jimny GLX (Monotone) 4AT ₱1,165,000
All-New Jimny GLX (2 Tone) 4AT ₱1,175,000

Commercial Vehicles

SuzukiCarry Exterior

All-New Carry hide

All-New Carry Cab and Chasis 1.5L ₱499,000
All-New Carry Truck 1.5L ₱509,000
SuzukiCarry Utility Van
SuzukiCarry Utility Van Exterior

All-New Carry Utility Van hide

All-New Carry Utility Van 1.5L ₱614,000
SuzukiCarry Cargo Van
SuzukiCarry Cargo Van Exterior

All-New Carry Cargo Van hide

All-New Carry Cargo Van 1.5L ₱576,000
Suzuki Super Carry - Utility Van (UV)
Suzuki Super Carry - Utility Van (UV) Exterior

Super Carry - Utility Van (UV) hide

Utility Van 0.8L DDiS Turbo Diesel ₱580,000
Suzuki Super Carry - Cargo Van
Suzuki Super Carry - Cargo Van  Exterior

Super Carry - Cargo Van hide

Cargo Van 0.8L DDiS Turbo Diesel ₱539,000