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Suzuki ALL-NEW S-PRESSO Exterior



Bold Design And Robust Stance

Suzuki All-New S-Presso

Kick Start Your Life.

You can never miss its presence on the road. With a bold design and robust stance that radiate vibrant
energy, the S-PRESSO brings alive every place in the city it ventures to. It’s a car built for you to take
on the world and make your mark. Every drive is a self-expression of the zesty spirit that defines you.
Hop into the S-PRESSO, and kick start excitement in life.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior
Price starts at ₱518,000
The appearance, colours, and equipment of vehicles may differ according to market and grade.

exterior hide


The S-PRESSO’s exterior design is a sight to behold. Its bold and athletic profile, combines with its tall and powerful stance ensuring it commands all the attention wherever it goes.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior

The car’s strong character lines and prominent exterior features such as the muscular front grille, striking front and rear bumpers, distinct headlamp and rear lamp design add to its robust appearance. Make a bold statement as you zip around corners and on lanes.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior
Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior

Side Design

The S-PRESSO’s side body
volume has been pushed
upwards to give high visual
center of gravity. The squre like
wheel arches enhance its stance
and sporty side while the strong
character line adds the car’s bold

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior
Suzuki All-New S-Presso Multi-Reflector Halogen Headlamps

Multi-reflector Halogen Headlamps

Suzuki All-New S-Presso C-shape Rear Lamp

C-shape Rear Lamp

Suzuki All-New S-Presso 14-inch Steel Wheel (Full Wheel Cover)

14-inch Steel Wheel (Full Wheel Cover)

Available Colours

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Sizzle Orange

Sizzle Orange (ZZT)

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Fire Red (ZYG)

Fire Red (Z4Q)

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Metallic Granite Grey (ZYH)

Metallic Granite Grey (ZTN)

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Metallic Silky Silver (ZTU)

Metallic Silky Silver (Z2S)

Introducing the S-PRESSO Special Edition

The Suzuki S-Presso Special Edition takes on a retro design infused with modern features that makes head turn dawning standard halogen headlights and a 4-slot grille which pays homage to Suzuki’s brand identity. The black cladding and the addition of skid plates around it complement its athletic mini SUV look. On its side profile, the S-Presso’s body has a striking high visual line that’s pushed upwards. Moreover, adding a dash of character are the stylish alloy wheels  and its rear upper spoiler add sporty flair to the S-Presso’s persona.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior
Suzuki All-New S-Presso Upper Grille Garnish / Lower Bumper Garnish / Front Skid Plate

Upper Grille Garnish / Lower Bumper Garnish / Front Skid Plate

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Alloy Wheels / Side Cladding / Wheel Arc Cladding / Side Skid Plate

Alloy Wheels / Side Cladding / Wheel Arc Cladding / Side Skid Plate

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Lower Bumper Garnish / Rear Skid Plate / Rear Upper Spoiler

Lower Bumper Garnish / Rear Skid Plate / Rear Upper Spoiler

S-PRESSO Special Edition Interior Upgrades

The S-Presso Special Edition comes with upgrades on its interiors with silky silver ornament on center console, AC louver and side door moulding - completing the package from inside and out.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Center Console Silver Garnish

Center Console Silver Garnish

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Air-con Louver Silver Garnish

Air-con Louver Silver Garnish

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Ornament, Silky Silver

Ornament, Silky Silver

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Stainless Steel Door Sill Guard

Stainless Steel Door Sill Guard

interior hide


The moment you step inside the S-PRESSO, your eyes instantly fall on the unique centre console housing a trendy digital speedometer. Artistically crafted with bold and vibrant design elements, it’s from where all the energy originates, spreading into the interior of the car. The central position of the meter cluster also gives you a new, heightened driving experience. Get in and experience the invigorating ambience of the S-PRESSO.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Interior
Suzuki All-New S-Presso Meter Cluster

Meter Cluster

Suzuki All-New S-Presso 7-inch infotainment system and power window controls

7-inch infotainment system and power window controls

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Manual air conditioner and 12V socket

Manual air conditioner and 12V socket

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Interior


The presence of storage compartments let you stow small items and drinks, adding to the comfort of the spacious interiors.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Glove box

Glove box

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Open tray

Open tray

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Front console cup holder

Front console cup holder

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Front console pocket

Front console pocket

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Rear console pocket

Rear console pocket

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Door pocket

Door pocket

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Ample Luggage Space
Suzuki All-New S-Presso Ample Luggage Space

Ample Luggage Space

The S-PRESSO combines compact body size with a spacious 239-litre luggage compartment. Its rear bench seat also folds to produce even more space for bigger items.

performance hide


The exceptional experience of the S-PRESSO is a combination of its driving performance and convenience. With a peppy engine and other innovative features you’re in for an exciting drive. So sit back, and gear up for an energetic drive that’s equally relaxing.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior
Suzuki All-New S-Presso 1.0L petrol engine (K10B)

1.0L petrol engine (K10B)

S-PRESSO's compact 1.0 litre engine is the perfect foil for the go-getter in you. After all, it delivers a peppy performance to go along with your active lifestyle. Plus, it delivers enhanced fuel efficiency, allowing you to go that extra mile.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso 5-speed manual transmission

5-speed manual transmission

With a 5-speed manual transmission, the SPRESSO makes driving on any road a pleasant experience. Its transmission offers an optimal gear ratio, and reduces friction for the engine and drivetrain, enabling it to obtain the best possible fuel consumption and performance.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Aerodynamics and NVH
Suzuki All-New S-Presso Aerodynamics and NVH

Aerodynamics and NVH

Muffler noise, road noise and floor vibration are minimized through optimizing body characteristics. Not onlyare the noises reduced by use of enhanced insulation materials on the car body through a series of intricate improvements to optimize airflow, the ideal balance of design and aerodynamic performance is realized.

safety hide

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Exterior


The S-PRESSO lets nothing hinder you from reaching what you set out for. And it does this by keeping you protected on every road you take. With a host of exceptional safety features, the S-PRESSO takes care of you while you enjoy the drive.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Airbags


The S-PRESSO comes with front SRS airbags as standard for the safety of the driver and front-seat passenger in case of a frontal collision.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Pre-tensioner and force limiter

Pre-tensioner and force limiter

The pre-tensioner is designed to tighten the seatbelts to restrain occupants quickly and to prevent them from being thrown forward in case of a moderate or severe frontal crash. Force limiter helps protect occupants from seatbelt inflicted injuries.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Heartect

New-generation "HEARTECT" platform

Innovation lies in the heart of the S-PRESSO. It is built with Suzuki’s new generation platform – HEARTECT. Light and highly rigid, it lowers fuel consumption and vastly improves the fundamental vehicle performance in terms of running, turning and stopping. Its frame is characterized by smooth and continuous curves, which efficiently disperses impact energy in case of collision.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Light, impact-absorbing TECT

Total Effective Control Technology body

The body-design of S-PRESSO centres on Suzuki’s TECT concept, which helps protect the cabin in the event of a collision by efficiently absorbing and dispersing energy. It also widely employs high tensile steel to achieve both lightness and excellent safety performance.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso ABS with EBD

ABS with EBD

In emergency braking or on slippery surfaces, the anti-lock break system (ABS) keeps tyres from locking, and enhances the driver’s ability to avoid obstacles through steering. Furthermore, the electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) optimally distributes front and rear braking force to help stably stop the vehicle.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Rear parking assist system

Rear parking assist system

S-PRESSO comes fitted with ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper. This means you can get rid of your parking woes, because it helps detect obstacles while you park the car. Warning sounds keep you aware of the distance to the obstacle, making parking a simple task.

Suzuki All-New S-Presso Turning radius

Turning radius

A minimum turning radius of 4.5m provide excellent manoeuvrability even on narrow roads.

price list hide

ALL-NEW S-PRESSO GL - M/T ₱518,000

specifications hide

  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Overall Length 3565 mm 3565 mm
    Overall Width 1520 mm 1520 mm
    Overall Height 1565 mm 1565 mm
    Wheelbase 2380 mm 2380 mm
    Tread Front 1315 mm 1315 mm
    Tread Rear 1320 mm 1320 mm
    Minimum Turning Radius 4.5 m 4.5 m
    Minimum Ground Clearance 180 m 180 m
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Fuel Type Petrol Petrol
    Type (Engine) K10B K10B
    No. of Cylinders 3 3
    No. of Valves 12 12
    Max. Output 67 Hp @ 5,500 rpm 67 Hp @ 5,500 rpm
    Max. Torque 90 Nm @ 3,500 rpm 90 Nm @ 3,500 rpm
    Fuel Distribution Multipoint Injection Multipoint Injection
    Type (Transmission) 5MT 5MT
    Bore x stroke 73 x 79.5 mm 73 x 79.5 mm
    Piston Displacement 998 cc 998 cc
    Compression Ratio 11 11
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Steering Rack & Pinion Rack & Pinion
    Brakes Front Ventilated disc Ventilated disc
    Brakes Rear Drum Drum
    Suspension Front MacPherson Strut MacPherson Strut
    Suspension Rear Torsion Beam Torsion Beam
    Tires 165 / 70 R14 165 / 70 R14
    Wheels 165 / 70 R14 + steel wheels 165 / 70 R14 + Alloy Wheels
    Spare Tire 165 / 70 R14 + steel wheels 165 / 70 R14 + steel wheels
    Spare Tire Cover (Full cover) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Seating 5 Persons 5 Persons
    Luggage 239 Liters 239 Liters
    Fuel Tank 27 Liters 27 Liters
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Curb Weight 750 / 770 kg 750 / 770 kg
    Gross Vehicle Weight 1170 kg 1170 kg
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Seatbelt Front 3pt ELR w/ pretensioner, force limiter & height adjuster SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Seatbelt Rear: 3-point ELR seatbelts (side), 2-point ELR seatbelt (centre) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Parking sensors (rear) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    ISOFIX child seat anchorages (2x) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Child seat tether anchorages (2x) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Childproof rear door locks SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    3-spoke Steering Wheel Urethane SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Power Steering SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Information Display Fuel Consumption SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Information Display Driving Range SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Light-off and Key Reminder SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Side Louvre Bezels SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Centre Louvre Bezels SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Driver's seatbelt reminder (Lamp & Alarm) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Passenger's seatbelt reminder (Lamp & Alarm) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Meter Illumination SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Electric Windows Front SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Central Door Locking Switch on Driver's Side SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Remote-control Door Locks (with Hazard Lamp Answerback Function) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Air-Condition Manual SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Audio Antenna (mounted at rear of roof) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Audio Front Speakers SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Audio 7" Multimedia Audio SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Audio Connectivity Bluetooth SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Audio Connectivity USB SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    USB Port (Console Box) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Storage Pockets (Front) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Front cabin light (3-position) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Sun visors driver's and passenger's sides SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Assist grips passenger's side SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Assist grips 2nd-row x 2 SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Cup holders front x 2 SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Front doors Bottle holders x 2 SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    2nd-row bottle holders x 2 SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    12V accessory socket SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Remote fuel lid opener SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Inside door handles SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Rear Seats (Bench) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Rear Seats (Head Restraint) Separate Type x 2 SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Front Seats (Head restraint Integrated Type) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Seat upholstery material (Vinyl + Fabric) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Front Upper Bumper (Body Coloured) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Front Lower Bumper (Black) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Rear Bumper (Black) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Tailgate Opener (Key-Oriented + Remote Opener) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Outside door handles(Body coloured) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Front grille(Black) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Doors 5 5
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Headlamps (Halogen Multi-reflector) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Position Lamps SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Rear Combination Lamps (LED) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Wipers (Front: 2 speeds Low, High + Intermitent + Washer) SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Outside Door Mirrors Body Coloured SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Day / Night Rearview Mirror Manual Dimming SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
    Outside door mirrors Manual adjust SUPPLIED SUPPLIED
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Latest Model 1 1
    Show in Services 1 1
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
    Display to Product Details Page 1 1
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T
  • GL - M/T GLX - M/T

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