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Suzuki Ertiga Exterior

Suzuki Ertiga


Stylish and Comfortable Family Car



Make every moment count in the Ertiga.
Feel comfortable and indulged.
Encouraged to experience more together.
Proud to be seen visiting restaurants and travelling the neighborhood in style.

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior

Price starts at ₱763,000
The appearance, colours, and equipment of vehicles may differ according to market and grade.

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Nobody will ever mistake the stylish Ertiga. The body is smooth and elegant with distinctive personality that creates a strong impression. Ownership of Ertiga generates pride and family joy.

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior


An all-new exterior design featuring a taller and wider nose, a dynamic shoulder line, deeper curves, an aerodynamic body and refined chrome accents. The Ertiga’s exterior is elegant with a strong personality that clearly differentiates it from other MPVs.

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior
Suzuki Ertiga Exterior
Suzuki Ertiga Exterior Stylish Headlamps

Stylish Headlamps

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior Large Rear Combination Lamps

Large Rear Combination Lamps

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior Three angle door opening

Three angle door opening

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior Taller and stronger nose design

Taller and stronger nose design

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior 15-inch steel wheel with full wheel cover (GA)

15-inch steel wheel with full wheel cover (GA)

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior 15-inch alloy wheel (GL)

15-inch alloy wheel (GL)

Available Colours

Suzuki Ertiga Magma Gray Metallic (ZYZ)

Magma Gray Metallic (ZYZ)

Suzuki Ertiga Glorious Brown Pearl (ZZA)

Cool Black Pearl Metallic (ZBD)

Suzuki Ertiga Silky Silver Metallic (Z2S)

Silky Silver Metallic (Z2S)

Suzuki Ertiga Snow White Pearl (ZQZ)

Snow White Pearl (ZQZ)

Suzuki Ertiga Radiant Pearl Red (ZKB)

Radiant Pearl Red (ZKB)

Suzuki Ertiga Burgundy Red Pearl (ZLL)

Burgundy Red Pearl (ZLL)

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The Ertiga comes with an elegant black interior upping the definition of style and luxurious MPVs.
You and your family have great memories to look forward to. Share everyday outings and exciting adventures together in the stylish, comfortable and convenient Ertiga.

Suzuki Ertiga Interior

Comfort and elegance in a functional cabin

Welcome to a world where elegance meets utility and every inch of the space is designed to optimise the comfort and convenience of the driver, as well as the family members. With the contemporary interiors, technology to complement luxury and the accessories meant to enhance your experience, the Ertiga is a place where the world will look more beautiful.

Suzuki Ertiga Interior
Suzuki Ertiga Interior
Suzuki Ertiga Interior
Suzuki Ertiga D-shaped steering wheel

D-shaped steering wheel

Suzuki Ertiga 8-inch Multimedia Audio Touchscreen

8-inch Multimedia Audio Touchscreen

Suzuki Ertiga Meter Cluster

Meter Cluster

Suzuki Ertiga Manual air conditioner

Manual air conditioner


The flexible seating can easily be adjusted to comfortably accommodate friends, family and large amounts of luggage. When new needs arise, the Ertiga provides a practical solution.

Suzuki Ertiga Interior
Suzuki Ertiga Interior
Suzuki Ertiga Interior
Suzuki Ertiga Interior

*Photos shown are for GLX model


User-friendly features anticipate every need. They make entering and exiting the Ertiga extremely easy and keep all passengers comfortable and refreshed on long journeys.

Suzuki Ertiga Bank notes / coin holder

Bank notes / Coin holder

Suzuki Ertiga USB Port and accessories socket

USB Port and accessories socket

Suzuki Ertiga Glove Box

Glove Box

Suzuki Ertiga Seatback Pockets

Seatback Pockets

Suzuki Ertiga Accessories Socket for second-row seat

Accessories Socket for second-row seat

Suzuki Ertiga 1,000ml drink bottle holder

1,000ml drink bottle holder

Suzuki Ertiga First and second-row door pockets

First and second-row door pockets

Suzuki Ertiga Seat hight adjuster

Seat height adjuster

Suzuki Ertiga Sliding second-row seats

Sliding second-row seats

Suzuki Ertiga Air conditioner for second and third-row seats

Air conditioner for second and third-row seats

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Enjoy smooth and powerful response, as well as high fuel efficiency – a pleasingly practical combination supported by a newly developed engine and transmission.

Suzuki Ertiga Exterior
Suzuki Ertiga Engine

More powerful and efficient 1.5 petrol engine

Spirited response meets high fuel efficiency in a compact petrol engine producing impressive torque. Performance is smooth with minimal noise and vibration for a peasingly quiet ride.

Engine model K15B
Displacement (cc) 1,462 (1.5L)
Compression ratio 10.5
Max. output (hp/rpm) 103 / 6,000
Max. torque (N.m/rpm) 138 / 4,400
Suzuki Ertiga Heartect

New-generation platform HEARTECT

The heart of the Ertiga is passenger safety. Its mew smoothly curving frame is more integrated and rigid for enhanced driving performance and reduced noise and vibration. It also raises fuel efficiency by lowering weight, and disperses energy more efficiently for greater assenger protection.

Suzuki Ertiga Aerodynamics


Computer-aided engineering and wind-tunnel testing realized aerodynamics that heighten performance and fuel economy. The Ertiga offers exceptional aerodynamics for an MPV.

4-Speed Automatic (GL) and 5-Speed Manual Transmission (GA & GL)

Indulge in the stress-free luxury of a smooth shifting 4-speed automatic transmission. Or choose the 5-speed manual transmission for more spirited response. Both deliver excellent fuel efficiency.

*For details on equipment availability, please refer to Specifications.

Suzuki Ertiga Automatic Shift Knob
Suzuki Ertiga Manual Transmission Shift Knob

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Suzuki Ertiga Exterior

Solid safety measures bolster peace of mind

From protective body to SRS airbags and intelligent warnings, the Ertiga is fully designed to safeguard you, your travel companions and pedestrians.

Suzuki Ertiga SRS Airbag System

SRS airbag system

The Ertiga comes with front SRS airbags for the safety of the driver and front passenger in case of a frontal colision.

Suzuki Ertiga Reverse Parking Sensor

Reverse parking sensor

Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles while the driver is reversing the car. Warning sounds help keep the driver informed of the distance to the obstacle.

Suzuki Ertiga Body Frame
Suzuki Ertiga Body Frame

Highly Protective Body

Suzuki’s advanced TECT (Total Effective Control Technology) body extensively employs ultra-high-tensile steel to increase rigidity, lower weight despite larger overall dimensions, and more efficiently absorb and disperse impact energy in the event of a collision. New load paths beneath the engine compartment further mitigate damage in the event of a frontal collision at high speed.

Pedestrian Injury mitigating body

Pedestrian injury mitigating body

The structure of the Ertiga’s bonnet, front windscreen wiper area, front bumper and other parts absorb impact with the aim of mitigating head and leg injuries in the event of a collision with a pedestrian

Suzuki Ertiga ABS with EBD

ABS with EBD

In an emergency braking situation, the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) keeps tyres from locking up and supports the driver to maintain steering ability. In addition, Electric Brake force Distribution (EBD) shortens the braking distance by optimally distributing force to the front and rear wheels if there is a large load, such as when the car is full of passengers.

Suzuki Ertiga ABS

*ABS is a device that assists the driver during braking. It does not eliminate the need to drive safely. For example, you should slow down when approaching a corner.

Child seat anchorage top tether
Child Seat
Suzuki Ertiga ISOFIX-compatible lower anchorages

Child seat anchorage

ISOFIX-compatible lower anchorages for easily securing child seats and top tether anchorages are standard on second-row seats.

Specifications may vary on variant.

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Ertiga 1.5 GA - MT (Upgrade) ₱763,000
Ertiga 1.5 GL - MT (Upgrade) ₱883,000
Ertiga 1.5 GL - AT (Upgrade) ₱923,000

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  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
    Air-Condition Automatic N/A
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
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  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
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  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T
  • M/T JLX - M/T JLX - A/T

Suzuki Philippines reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

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